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My favourite films | Blogtober 16

I'm not a huge fan of films. I love watching them in the cinema and the whole romance of the cinema visit and I do in fact have a review planned of the Everyman cinemas because they are my favourite thing ever. But for re-watching over and over I don't have that many favourite films. I think (and I'm a little embarrassed that this is my second Harry Potter related post this Blogtober) the Harry Potter films are my all time favourite films. As much as the books are my favourite books. I could ... Continue Reading

Must-watch boxsets with a newborn | Blogtober 16

Newborn Boxset viewing
These days I try to limit how much the tv is on around the house during the day when Harrison is around. (Note I said 'try to', I don't actually succeed anywhere near as much as I would like to). But when he was a teeny tiny newborn, boxsets got me through the those lazy newborn days. Snuggled with a newborn (on my boob for the majority of his waking hours) on the sofa meant I turned to Netflix and these are some of my favourite series that I watched during that time. -Once Upon A Time. OUAT ... Continue Reading