2 posts from day 14/10/2016

Meaning of my blog name | Blogtober 16

This is definitely the easiest of all the Blogtober posts. Drum roll please............. The meaning behind my blog name, Emma and Family, is.......... This blog is about me, Emma and my little family!!   I thought about going for something referring specifically to Harrison but I plan to have more children and I want them to be included in the blog name. I know it isn't the most imaginative name out but I hope it is at least a bit memorable being so simple.   A photo posted ... Continue Reading

What’s in my fridge | Blogtober 16

So day 13 of blogtober as to delve behind closed doors. Doors of the fridge that is! So here is my fridge! This is two days after having done my food shop.   Here's what there is: Chilly water jug Half a banoffee pie A couple of lemon mousse Some greek yoghurt A petit filous A quiche aka Harrison's favourite lunch Ham Cheddar Mozzarella Two tubs of margarine because I just couldn't remember if we have any left. We did. We now have a lot of ... Continue Reading