2 posts from day 16/10/2016

Day in the life | Blogtober 2016

For today's timeline I did a Day in the Life Youtube video over on my channel Emma and Family. If you liked the video please go over and subscribe, it is my goals for once I have internet set up in the house again to upload on there more often. Continue Reading

Piercings and Tattoos? | Blogtober 16

Tattoos are an interesting subject for me.. I have always wanted a tattoo but have never been able to find an idea that I have loved enough. I would love to get a tattoo to represent Harrison but don't fancy the idea of his name or date of birth. Not that I dislike that idea but the creative side of me wants something more unusual and beautiful. I am always fascinated seeing other people's tattoos and their feelings about them. I have an obsession about water colour tattoo's. I love how ... Continue Reading