What are we eating this week? Meal Planning Series

Meal planning
Up until we moved house in August 2016 I was not one to do a meal plan. In my teeny tiny shoe box kitchen, I didn't have the space to keep a whole weeks worth of feed and we lived opposite large Sainsbury's so I didn't need to buy a week's worth of food at once! (That is no exaggeration, all that was between us and Sainsbury's was a road, I could see it from my lounge window, it wasn't the nicest view I have ever had.) The most meal planning I ever did was 'hmmm what do I fancy for dinner ... Continue Reading

Post Christmas Deep Clean and Tidy Up

toot toot car set toddler
Is anyone else pulling their haircut after Christmas? Having worked over the Christmas period on Boxing Day and the 28th I am sure hasn't helped, but I feel like I'm living in a pigsty. A post Christmas deep clean and tidy is seriously needed!
I adore Christmas and love having my decorations up and won't be taking them down until next week but I am really looking forward to things looking less cluttered! I get this cosy feeling when I put them up but after a month I have forgotten how much cleaner and tidier things look without most services covered in tinsel and other decoration. And don't get me started on the tree! Why must they take up so much space! And make so much mess if you get a tree one.
... Continue Reading

Christmas Tag, Christmas favourites.

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I was tagged by Living Life Our Way to do the Christmas Tag, so on this very exciting Christmas Eve here's my answers to this little Christmas Q&A. I want to know your favourite part of Christmas, so please share in the comments section at the bottom, because I love reading about how everyone else enjoys my favourite holiday.... Continue Reading

Coping with dark winter months and winter blues! 

As the winter solstice descends upon us today with the shortest, darkest day of the year I thought I would share how I cope with the lack of sunlight without any winter blues! As winter begins, I love when the evening begins to draw in and you get start getting out the snuggly blankets and lightening candles and enjoying that cosy Autumn feeling. By mid December, however, it's safe to say most of us are pretty fed up with the lack of daylight. ... Continue Reading

Welcome to our house + Moving vlog and house tour

As you may remember we moved house in August and I finally managed to get round to uploading the moving vlog and house tour after finally sorting out our internet issues. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRaqiwgMiAM] We are so happy with our lovely little house and have definitely enjoyed the benefits of buying a new build so basically not having to do anything to it. Although downside is we can't paint until we have been in a year because of guarantee reasons for the builders. In the coming weeks I will show you the 'after' stage one of everything we have done to the house, how our furniture is arranged etc of all the rooms and then next year when we can paint I'll do finished tours. Until then here is our blank canvas we have made our home. We are fast making this house a home and it is so exciting! Read more to see the pictures! ... Continue Reading

Why I love our new area | Blogtober 16 Day 20

Harrison and I have both been stuck down with the flu or something darn close to the flu and I have barely been able to function let alone open my laptop and blog. So for these last remaining days of October I will playing catch up and posting several times a day to get my final posts of the month up. So day 20 asked what do I love about where I live. As you may know if you have followed my blog since the beginning a few months ago, we moved house 2 months ago and are settling into our new area. So here are my top 5 favourite things about where we now live. Continue Reading