10 Favourite Foods | Blogtober 16 Day 19

Welcome to day 19 of Blogtober 2016. Today's topic is my 10 favourite foods. Now what I would LOVE to do for this post is a round of my 10 of my favourite recipes that I have shared here. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to actually sharing any yet! So what you see here is a round up of 5 of my favourite recipes that I intend to share in the near future. Please do check back over coming months to find some recipes that have become family favourites in my household. And then my 5 favourite general foods as well. ... Continue Reading

Day in the life | Blogtober 2016

For today's timeline I did a Day in the Life Youtube video over on my channel Emma and Family. If you liked the video please go over and subscribe, it is my goals for once I have internet set up in the house again to upload on there more often. Continue Reading

What’s in my fridge | Blogtober 16

So day 13 of blogtober as to delve behind closed doors. Doors of the fridge that is! So here is my fridge! This is two days after having done my food shop.   Here's what there is: Chilly water jug Half a banoffee pie A couple of lemon mousse Some greek yoghurt A petit filous A quiche aka Harrison's favourite lunch Ham Cheddar Mozzarella Two tubs of margarine because I just couldn't remember if we have any left. We did. We now have a lot of ... Continue Reading

No tv no internet challenge days 4-7?

father son music
I don't know what day we are on anymore! But here's some of the adventures we have gone on in the last few days. Kitchen games: one of Harrison's favourite past times is emptying my kitchen cupboards. Shh don't tell him but I'm going to attempt to save my poor organisational system by getting him an IKEA play kitchen for his birthday. Knowing my luck he will ignore it, still preferring my cupboards! But endless hours have been spent over the last few days playing in my kitchen. His favourite ... Continue Reading

My new house cleaning schedule

New house... new rules! I have to hold my hands up and admit I was not made to be a housewife. I love my family, and I adore my new house but keeping things clean, tidy and organised just doesn't come naturally to me. Good news is, I'm an A type personality and actually love to be organised. Stick me in an office supplies shop and I am like a kid at christmas! Lists, specifally to do lists are my joie de vivre! Hence this, ta da! The Emma and Family Cleaning Schedule! That in mind I am ... Continue Reading

Moving countdown t- 10 days!

Moving boxes pilled
10 days, I repeat, 10 little days (3 of which I'm working and 2 of which I'm away for) until we load all of our belongs into a very large van drive the short 1.5 miles down the road to our new home. That 1.5 miles represents so much! We are leaving a life of renting, of living in a dark flat with only 4 windows. Of my toddler only have to play on a tiny balcony with a view of a multi-storey carpark with a resident decomposing pigeon. It's going to be our first house, our first real home. I ... Continue Reading