Home alone all weekend 

Two days a week I get solid one on one time with my little guy but Daddy Fabs comes home around 2-3hours before bedtime. When Daddy comes home he sort of takes over the child care. I take the opportunity to go and cook or hang out the washing or just sit on the sofa with a cup of tea and veg out for a little bit whilst that jump and run and scream and shout and have boy time for a bit.
But this weekend the Daddy Fabs has been away! Shocking behaviour, out drinking until 4am! But it was a well deserved break for him. Leaving me and Harrison home alone all weekend.

I had all kinds of grand plans about going and planning in the woods behind our house but unfortunately it rained and sleet-ed all weekend so those plans were rained off until I manage to find my wellies!

Instead we had a lovely ‘snugly’ weekend.  Sometimes all you need in life is lots of cuddles under blankets on the sofa with your little in order to reset a little.

Lately, I have been feeling stressed.  With the rushing around of Christmas amplified by the fact I still worked my normal days over the Christmas ‘break’ and then working extra days in the new year. Plus the rebranding of the blog. And blood tests and visiting or being visited by friends. I have been rushed. And in hindsight what I needed was a slow weekend with my boy.

We went for a couple of little walks round the block to burn off some energy and jump in some puddles. We watched a couple of films. Harrison learnt to say ‘let it go’ so we listened to that on repeat whilst dancing around the kitchen together. And we just enjoyed some quality time. And I squeezed in as many cuddles as he would let me!
But. And big but. Don’t get me wrong. I have subsquentially requested that Daddy Fabs never leaves us again because two days of just a toddler for company is a long time and I’m more tired now on the train to work Monday morning that I was Friday evening ready to start the weekend! I take my hat off to single parents who do that every weekend! But as much as cuddles are amazing and quality time so valuable. Two year olds are hard bloody work!!

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    Sammie January 17, 2017 (9:45 pm)

    Oh my goodness I feel you. Two year olds are SUCH hard work. My husband works nights so I am regularly alone with mine, it is so tough but you do get so many sofa snuggles. #twinklytuesday

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