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These days I try to limit how much the tv is on around the house during the day when Harrison is around. (Note I said ‘try to’, I don’t actually succeed anywhere near as much as I would like to). But when he was a teeny tiny newborn, boxsets got me through the those lazy newborn days. Snuggled with a newborn (on my boob for the majority of his waking hours) on the sofa meant I turned to Netflix and these are some of my favourite series that I watched during that time.

Once Upon A TimeOnce Upon A Time. OUAT is so good I have watched it all twice. Literally. I would binge watched episode after episode during the day and then carry on from where Fabio has last seen up to in the evening. Probably awful TV partner watching etiquette but whatcha gonna do. But this is one of those shows where the idea is bizarre and sounds on paper ridiculous. Small boy believes his family and friends are secretly fairy tale characters but they have forgotten because of an evil curse. He turns out to be right and now they must try and return their lives back to normal, fighting evil queens and dragons etc along the way. Sounds like a kids programme. In reality, it’s great. It’s easy viewing for those surviving on minimal sleep but is also gripping and fun. Highly recommend.

Lie to me. This was out on TV quite some time ago and stars Tim Roth. Basic premise is that he is a behavioural psychologist with Lie to Mea specialism on lies and it is always able to tell when people are lying. He then acts as a consultant for the FBI and solves lots of cases and generally gets himself into difficult scenarios. The best bit of this show those is Tim Roth, his character is a bit of a marmite, you love him or hate him cheeky, typically British with his sarcasm and wit, cockney. This show could have gone on for ages more but for some reason wasn’t renewed by the American’s. Boo!
Lie to me


House. One of my all time favourite programs. One that I will always watch when it is on TV even though I have seen all the episodes before and some of them several times. I love a good medical drama anyway, I’m fascinated by medicine anyway. Combine medicine with the lovable but crazy Dr. Gregory House, aka Hugh Laurie. He is amazing in this role, he is this role! It’s just a really funny, gripping drama that keeps you guessing the whole way through each episode but doesn’t necessary leave you needing to watch the next episode straight away as each stands well in it’s own right focusing on an individual case per episode so doesn’t necessarily leave you in that Netflix spiral when you accidentally stay up all night watching it because you just haven’t clicked off in time before the next episode starts. Yes Netflix I am still watching, stop judging me! Boxsets for the win!






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