My February Goals

  • February goals

As you may have seen this year I have decided against New Year Resolutions and have opted for more achievable monthly goals. My January goals were a great success and has motivated me to achieve more with each month. So February goals are a must have!


So here are my main goals for February!

  1. Lose another 5lbs. Last month I lost 6lbs. If I lose another 5 this I will finally be back to my pregnancy weight before Harrison.
  2. Reach 100 Facebook likes. Ok why are facebook likes so hard to get?! I’m struggling over here with those. If you haven’t checked my facebook page out yet please do
  3. Upload 2 youtube videos. I find it so hard to actually find the time to film, edit and upload videos these days. I have one filmed and an idea for another to get finished asap so I want to get them both filmed, edited and uploaded this February.
  4. To post on the blog twice a week. I have fallen out of sync with writing. I’ve had a bit of the old bloggers block I think. But I do have a long list of blog ideas, I just need to sit down and actually let the words flow!
  5. Get my health into gear. I have been working for Swisse vitamins for a few months now and had a great supply of vitamins sitting on my worksurface begging to be taken and I have already had 2 colds in 2017 so far already. I just need to sort myself out and take my vitamins regularly and get my health back in order!

That is it for February. Mainly because it has taken a few days too long to actually write this post and then of course February is a short month. And I am stupidly busy with my job this month, spare time is a hot commodity in my life right now.


What are your goals for February? If you made new years resolutions, how are they going a month into 2017?

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