No tv no internet challenge days 4-7?

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I don’t know what day we are on anymore! But here’s some of the adventures we have gone on in the last few days.

Kitchen games: one of Harrison’s favourite past times is emptying my kitchen cupboards. Shh don’t tell him but I’m going to attempt to save my poor organisational system by getting him an IKEA play kitchen for his birthday. Knowing my luck he will ignore it, still preferring my cupboards! But endless hours have been spent over the last few days playing in my kitchen. His favourite activity? Pouring water and or milk into all my clean pots and pans when I leave the room so I have to rewash them! Could you not?!

Emptying mummy's cupboard!

No, not messy at all

toddler emptying cupboards

“I’m organising mumma!”

Coffee shops. Ok so I have a deep dark confession in this no internet no tv challenge and that is this mama is not capable of missing the new series of GBBO without having a small breakdown each week.  So I have been sneaking off to my favourite cafe with a play area and free wifi to check my emails, post these blogs and most importantly, download Great British Bake Off. But the internet connection aside, it is a lovely way to spend a morning, drinking coffee and eating cake whilst he makes a mess of toys I don’t have to clean up!

Playing in the coffee shop

Playing in the coffee shop

father son music

Harrison and Daddy singing

Harrison loves music and is just starting to try and sing along to music so him and Daddy have spent lots of time sitting together with the guitar singing songs. It is a sight that makes this Mama’s heart melt into puddle all over my brand new carpets! He has always loved Fabio’s guitar and playing his xylophone and is forever dancing to the radio. Recently he has really started to listen to the lyrics and if appropriate go along with them so we have been singing loads of nonsense songs that go roughly like this:

“Harrison touch your nose,

Harrison touch your toes,

Harrison spin around,

Harrison touch the ground” etc etc.




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    happywawa15 August 31, 2016 (9:18 pm)

    Lovely pictures ☺️

    • comment-avatar
      Emma Thrussell August 31, 2016 (9:41 pm)

      Thank you! I’m making a real effort to get my camera out and take lots of pictures at the moment

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