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Oh My Blog is a monthly interview series, where fellow bloggers come together to answer a series of questions on a specific theme. This is a chance to get acquainted with a whole range of bloggers, some of whom you may not have heard of before, and learn a little more about them!


This month, the theme is Mums (because it’s Mother’s Day soon!) and we’re hosting Jo from Pickle and Poppet.


Introduce us to your mum. What’s her name? What does she do? Reveal her age if you dare!

This my beautiful mum, Pam.

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She works at Tesco mostly on the checkouts although as she has been there for many many years so she is able to help out in quite a lot of areas of the store. My mum is quite a young mum really, I won’t give her exact age but I will tell you that I am in my 30’s and she was in her 20’s when she had me!


What’s the one thing your mum always used to say to you?

The one thing that I remember my mum saying to me a lot was          “Do as I Say Not as I Do”

Someone’s playing your mum in a film. Who is it and why?

Sigourney Weaver.

She always plays the role of a strong independent woman who knows her mind and isn’t afraid of letting you know what she is thinking. That is my mum. You know exactly where you are with her. My Mum is the strongest woman I know.

She’s won the lottery. What’s the first thing your mum buys for herself?

Hmmmmm, she’s always said what she would buy everyone else if she won the lottery, never herself. I would say she would probably buy herself a new car.

What embarrassing story about you does she always tell when you meet new people?

I have never done anything embarrassing for her to share (blushes).

In all honesty she really doesn’t mention anything embarrassing, probably because I find things quite funny and will normally be the one who is telling the story.

What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year?

No plans for Mother’s Day. I am a girl of simple pleasures and settle for a bacon sarnie in bed after a nice lie in. Then a nice bath and family time. That’s perfect for me. My Mum is similar, she is happy with a card and a hug.

What’s her favourite TV show at the moment?

At the moment…… more like forever and that is Eastenders. She doesn’t miss an episode. That said she watches every single soap, Corrie, Emmerdale, you name it. My Dad loves it (not)

What’s the biggest or most important thing that your mum inspired you to do?

Be a good Mum.

Your round at the bar! What’s your mum drinking?

Vodka and Coke, Double, Ice, No lemon. Never with lemon.

What’s the biggest different between you and your mum?

Our age…… other than that we are very similar. We even sound the same. I have       answered the phone before and my aunt thought she was talking to my Mum.

Most important question of the lot. What is your mum’s stance on 50 Shades of Grey? Does she love it? Hate it? Not even know what it is?

She is a massive fan. She loved the book and makes plans to see the film. She, along with my sister, laugh at me as I’m the one who hasn’t read the books or seen the films.

What’s your favourite memory of your mum?

I have loads, my favourite is probably when we were teens.

My sister and I were fans of Steps and we knew all the moves to 5,6,7,8. We would     be cleaning our room and Mum would come up and want it put on so she could dance to. Only problem was that we had to start from the beginning every time she got it wrong which was a lot. This was such a big memory for us that we both had the song on at our weddings just to relive it with her.

What do you think your mum was like as a kid?

My Nan and Grandad always tell me that I remind them of my Mum when she was younger. She was also the third child so I would say she was cheeky but also got her sisters in trouble a lot.

Cast your mind back a bit; what was the thing you did as a child or teenager that made your mum the angriest she has ever been with you?


Blimey, a lot. I was an awful teenager but the worst thing that I had done was when I as a child. My sister and I were allowed to walk home from junior school on our own. I was in charge and we literally lived five minutes away. We had to walk down one path and we were home. I decided we were going to walk a longer way and what should have taken five minutes took about half an hour. We weren’t allowed to walk home on our own any more after that.

Finally, what’s the BEST piece of advice your mum ever gave to you?

There have been sooooo many pieces of advice. My Mum would tell you that I ignore them. The best I would say is manage your finances. She told me that if I know where my money is going down to the last penny then I won’t go wrong. I blame her for my love of spreadsheets as this advice started my spreadsheet addiction.


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