Preparing for a Lap and Dye and Hysteroscopy procedure for infertility investigation

As part of my treatment program for secondary infertility, my fertility specialist wanted to check that everything was healthy structurally within my womb and most importantly my fallopian tubes. That meant in my case having a surgical procedure done to go and properly take a look at everything. So I was booked in for a ‘Lap and Dye’ procedure and a Hysteroscopy.

Having already had one child easily and being pretty confident that our secondary infertility problems were stemming from my diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome we were fairly confident that everything would look healthy in my womb but my doctor wanted to check several things.
  1. That I don’t have a septum in my uterus, as one ultrasound has shown there has been one (despite no other scan having shown one),
  2. That I don’t have endometriosis. Again we were pretty sure I don’t have endometriosis as I don’t have any of the markers for it but nothing is ever impossible.
  3. That my fallopian tubes were clear, this was the most likely other issue that could have been affecting my fertility and there was no point continuing onwards with taking ovulation-inducing medications if any egg I managed to ovulate was stuck in a blocked fallopian tube.
I finally (after a long waiting list) had this surgery done in January 2018.
Check out the video above to see my experience and advice for preparing for this kind of surgery.

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