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My favourite present I have ever received was my Storksak Elizabeth changing bag that my mummy bought for me as an early birthday present before Harrison was born. It is without even close competition the most expensive bag I have ever owned. I have never been the expensive handbag type, don’t get me wrong, I can see the beauty in those ridiculously priced bags like Birkins but I also really like my current work handbag which is from Clarks of all places! I don’t think a lot of designer bags warrant their designer prices tags. But the Storksak Elizabeth does deserve the little extra you will need to pay (currently retails at around £195) without a shadow of a doubt.
Storksak Elizabeth

This is my bag, the Dove Grey, because well to be honest I have an obsession with the colour grey as you will see when I finally do my posts about my new house. Unfortunately they don’t seem to sell them in the grey any more which is a real shame, because it is a beautiful colour. Even if you don’t share my obsession with grey (and nothing to do with 50 shades of grey, thank you very much) it is such a practical colour because despite what you would expect it actually hides every mark and stain.
The practical bit.
This is a bag that has been in my hands every single day for the last nearly 2 years. It came to hospital with me as Harrison’s hospital bag, it has been on holiday, it has been chucked in the boot of the car, it has been thrown around parks, squeezed into overhead spaces of trains. The list is endless. It has lived a good life has this bag. But you wouldn’t even know, it has barely a mark on it.
From a practical perspective the Storksak has everything you need from a change bag. Plenty of room and loads of good pockets in it which I will show in a bit more detail when I do the what’s in my handbag post next month. In fact it has 11 different pockets of varying sizes and styles, a detachable inner pocket for bottles, comes with a bottle holder, a changing mat and a separate accessories pouch. It fits so much in it is unreal, consider that Harrison had quite bad reflux that lead to him projective vomiting multiple times a day and is a cloth nappy baby. I would carry with me at all times a big bottle of his reflux medication, at least one spare change of clothes, 3+ muslins, a change of top for me, at least 2 cloth nappies (which take up the room of about 10 disposable nappies), wipes, a couple of toys, my purse, my phone and all the stuff that being an adult comes with. All that and I was never tight for space.It can be carried over your shoulder or with a cross body shoulder strap but until recently now he insists on walking more it has pretty much always been slung over the pram handles. You can buy additional pram attachments to hang it from the handles of the pram but I have always just hung mine as it comes with the long cross body straps.
The design
Most important to me is the look of this gorgeous bag. Now this is just a matter of taste, but it looks like a grown up’s bag! I take real issue with how a lot of change bags look like they are designed for children. And this is probably a really unpopular statement but I’m not a fan of the ‘yummy mummy’ bags with pink little bows on. That is not a bag I would ever carry around with me if I didn’t have a child so I don’t see why I would carry it around when I have a child. I think a beautiful leather handbag says yummy mummy with a lot more sophistication that a bag with the phrase embroidered on it. I have been known to take this bag out as my regular handbag on days out with friends whilst Harrison has stayed home and I have had loads of compliments on it without people even realising it is a change bag.
My storksak will easily but survive being change bag through my next pregnancy and baby and quite probably still be used beyond then. It has been a real bag investment and I expect it will really survive the test of time.
*This is not a sponsored review, my Storksak Elizabeth was a genuine present bought for me for my birthday.*

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