June Goals: Reconnecting with my toddler

June Goals
Ok who stole May, I swear I blinked at all of a sudden we have our second bank holiday of May and we are into June! and into the 6th month of monthly goals! Have you kept your new years resolutions? It was probably all the being in the sun I have been doing. I have a tan I will have you know!   But with the end of a month and the beginning of another, it is time again to reflect on ... Continue Reading

#MumLife Raw Tag

I was tagged by my dear Lisa from Pass the Prosecco ... Please  in her #mumlife Raw Tag on youtube. I have seen quite a few mum bloggers do this tag and it was a lot of fun! I then tagged Kate from The Hippy Christian Mum to carry it on.   Here were the questions: 1. In one word describe your day as a mum today 2. What is the most challenging part of connecting with other ... Continue Reading

My heart is with Manchester and parents everywhere.

Heart with Manchester
I had a whole load of posts I planned to be writing today about an array of different parenting things but in light of the horrific events in Manchester last night I am finding myself unable to focus. Both last night's tragedy and the news of the poor little girl who died on her school trip to the theme park have left me reeling and in tears for the families of those involved. Parenthood is ... Continue Reading

Infertility Journey: Got a diagnosis.

So as I mentioned in my previous post I have been MIA due to a lot going on with trying to conceive. I mentioned last year about the early miscarriage we experienced in November, I shared a 'month in the life' vlog over on my youtube channel and I began to explain that it looks like we are experiencing secondary infertility. Well in March we reached our 1 year trying to conceive anniversary ... Continue Reading

Where have I been? New May goals

May goals
Dear blog land,   A confession of abandonment from a humble lax blogger. I have been lax and lazy and distracted. But I am back with some new goals for May that will get me back on in the blogosphere. Shortly, I will provide an explanation of where I have been. Things have been going on with my health and trying to conceive. Myself and Fabio have both had some time off work so have ... Continue Reading

Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience Review

Peppa Pig my first cinema experience review
Hands up, I'll admit that I tried to keep my son away from Peppa Pig for as long as physically possible, but after enduring his Bing addiction for months on end, that thought of how bad can it really be popped into my head. After two episodes he was hooked! Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa and George are frequent visitors to our household! So when Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience came out in the ... Continue Reading