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A have a simple question for you. Would you like to receive cake through the post, through your letter box? If your answer was hell yeah then you are my type of person. And’s kind of person!

*The product discussed in this post was provided free of charge in exchange for this review. However all opinions are honest and completely mine.

Often the things that come through the letter box are damn right boring and often asking for money! So when the clatter of the letter box provides cake you know you are going to have a good day. Bakerdays provide just that. They provide personalised cakes in all different designs and sizes, the baby of the family being their Letterbox Cake.

5in Letter box cake

In its little letter size box you can get a cake through your front door as early as the next working day! Extremely handy if you have forgotten any special occasion! These cakes are able to be completely personalised and designed from scratch and Bakerdays have literally 1000s of different designs for different occasions ranging from the Birthdays, to Hanukkah to Driving Test Cakes!

I went for a Happy Christmas cake, I was a woman with a plan. I am notoriously bad at remember to buy, write and send Christmas and birthday cards. One year I even managed to post a card having forgotten to put a stamp on it. Cards are not my forte. So I thought, a Christmas cake for my few select nearest and dearest instead of a card!


christmas bauble cake

This was the design I choose, a beautiful decorate christmas pattern saying ‘Merry Christmas, Lots of Love Emma, Fabio and Harrison’. The design process is so easy, just pick from one the 1000s of designs and add the text you want. Or design from scratch and add the image you want. This turned out so genuinely beautiful!


You would think a cake coming through the post would get smashed to smithereens, especially with the rough handling parcels tend to get in the postal system. But Bakerdays have managed to perfect their packing so that this is not a problem.Cake tin

My cake turned up totally in one piece, I assume thanks to the tin it comes it. Which I have now reused as a handy little storage tin.

The cake itself

Simply put, yum yum yum. For a cake so little (only 5in) it is packed full of flavour. It is just one layer of sponge around an inch or so thick and covered in icing. The sponge is soft and delicious. I went for simple vanilla but they are also available in Belgium chocolate chip sponge, dairy free vanilla sponge, gluten-free vanilla sponge and fruit cake.

The verdict

The real question here is would I go and buy one of these letter box cakes. And the answer, 100% yes, I already have a plan in mind for one now. I’m not saying that if I get a cake craving I would just jump on the internet and order one straight off but for a quirky and different gift idea for friends and family I most certainly would. Because who wouldn’t love a surprise cake through the post. And I reckon most people wouldn’t have had that before either, making it the perfect gift idea for the future.

I would love to share the plan I have in mind for my next Bakerdays cake but I’m afraid the recipient reads my blog and I can’t go giving away my master plan. I will share my cake over on the bakerdays facebook and twitter when the time comes though so keep an eye out!

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