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*Disclosure: I was given a six month subscription to the Kidloland App in exchange for writing this review, at the end of this free period I have now paid to continue the subscription as my son as enjoyed it so much*

As I have discussed before I debated whether having a iPad for my toddler was a route I wanted to go down for quite some time In the end, I decided that the educational benefits of this kind of technology is worth the increased screen time. Not long after purchasing our iPad, Kidloland approached me and asked me to review their app.

To put it simply, I love this app!

Kidloland is an educational app for toddlers and preschoolers with 1000+ songs, games, nursery rhymes and activities to keep them entertained and learning.

I have various different apps on the iPad for Harrison, some puzzles, various games, (*whisper’s quietly the Cbeebies app for when I just need 15mins relative peace and quiet*) but time and time again it is Kidloland that Harrison is choosing to open up.

There is a huge range of different songs, games and stories all with a subtly educational background, but in a musical, fun, brightly coloured way that tricks your toddler into thinking they are just playing. Kidloland monsters

No matter what your toddlers/preschoolers current obsession is there is a category to please them, you can filter all the different activities and songs, of which there are 1000’s, down by theme. So monsters, trucks, animals, space, whatever it is, there will be songs and games to please them. For H, it is any of the vehicle themed content, he is just obsessed!

Most of the songs and games have a goal in mind, there are ones for learning shapes, colour, numbers, ABC’s, flash cards of new words, the list goes on and on. I have no doubt in my mind that Harrison has learnt loads from this app and he continues to use it on a daily basis, and whilst he continues to be learning from it, I will happily continue paying the subscription price.

Kidloland playing

If you so wish Kidloland, allows you to filter their content by the age of your child, breaking the content down to suitable for under 2’s, ages 3-4 and ages 5-6. Meaning they are meeting their developmental needs and keeping them stimulated and interested.






This is a subscription-based app although you can use a free version, but as you would expect this does only have a small range of their content. Kidloland offer a 7 day free trial of the full app so you can try before you buy and you can then either take on a monthly subscription, pay in bulk for a 6 month subscription at the cost of 5 months, or a year’s subscription at the cost of 8 months.

Kidloland settings

I have only two small problems with the Kidloland app:

  1. you do have to download the content which does take up space, however you can manage these downloads in the parent settings and delete things not being used, and although the taking up space on the iPad thing is annoying it does also mean that it is always available offline so this app can be used everywhere and anywhere, so doctors waiting rooms, car journeys, any of those moments you encounter in life where you just need to occupy your little one you will have all the content they enjoy available at your finger tips.
  2. the music does drive you potty, but I have yet to find a children’s app that doesn’t drive me slowly insane but I have recently (6 months down the line!) found you can turn off the background music in the parents settings section so my sanity has been returned to me fully intact!


If you are interested in giving this educational childrens app a try here’s where you can find it:


Google Play Store

Amazon App Store


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