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March Goals: Time to unwind

March goals
It's the beginning of March which means it is goal setting time again. First, let's look back on February; my February goals were: Lose another 5lb. I'll be honest I sucked at this, this month. I weigh exactly the same as I did at the beginning of last month. I wasn't very dedicated and I did next to no exercise; not a very productive combination. Reach 100 Facebook likes. TICK! Yup, I in fact now have 112! Success. If you haven't liked yet, hit the like button up in the right-hand ... Continue Reading

My February Goals

February goals
As you may have seen this year I have decided against New Year Resolutions and have opted for more achievable monthly goals. My January goals were a great success and has motivated me to achieve more with each month. So February goals are a must have!   So here are my main goals for February! Lose another 5lbs. Last month I lost 6lbs. If I lose another 5 this I will finally be back to my pregnancy weight before Harrison. Reach 100 Facebook likes. Ok why are facebook likes so ... Continue Reading

2016 Round up! Highs and Lows

Toddler on Reigate Hill
2016 was possibly up there as one of the best but most stressful of my life. It is always the way, isn't it, that with great highs come great lows. The beginning of 2016 was pretty boring. Day to day life was business as normal. I was about 8 months into my job. It had come through a lot of changes that had simultaneously made it so much better and more fun but also a lot harder and more intense. I was still settling into being at work with Harrison still being so little and the associated guilt with that. Over the year my job has continued to change and evolve and it is now at a place I'm really happy with, I'm earning money I'm happy with and I'm feeling pretty fulfilled. Knackered, but fulfilled. My days at home with a toddler are infinitely more relaxing and chilled.... Continue Reading