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Why I love our new area | Blogtober 16 Day 20

Harrison and I have both been stuck down with the flu or something darn close to the flu and I have barely been able to function let alone open my laptop and blog. So for these last remaining days of October I will playing catch up and posting several times a day to get my final posts of the month up. So day 20 asked what do I love about where I live. As you may know if you have followed my blog since the beginning a few months ago, we moved house 2 months ago and are settling into our new area. So here are my top 5 favourite things about where we now live. Continue Reading

The best concert I ever attended | Blogtober 16 Day 17

Welcome to day 17 of Blogtober. Today's prompt asks me what my favourite concert I have ever attended is. And this is actually one of my claim to fame's. Ok it's not to fame really but still. So basically back in 2010 before Ed Sheeran became as famous as he is now I attended a really small concert of his back when he was doing promo rounds trying to get him name out there. All I actually had to go in order to go was buy his album. That album went on to be probably one of my most played albums ever. Continue Reading

Day in the life | Blogtober 2016

For today's timeline I did a Day in the Life Youtube video over on my channel Emma and Family. If you liked the video please go over and subscribe, it is my goals for once I have internet set up in the house again to upload on there more often. Continue Reading

What’s in my Storksak Elizabeth changing bag | Blogtober 16

Storksak Elizabeth change bag
A couple of days ago I introduced you to my beautiful Storksak Elizabeth changing bag. Today you get a sneak peak inside it. This is what I carry around with me day after day in my changing bag. Luckily my bag is a spacious lovely thing, big enough to carry around everything I need for me and Harrison on the average day out. For Harrison: A nappy (he uses gnappies, so it is that lovely red pant you can see on the bottom left) Wet wipes Wet bag for cloth nappy Nappy rash ... Continue Reading

My favourite animal | Blogtober 16 (Day 11)

Today's blogtober post is all about your favourite animal. My favourite animal is the elephant because I have always associated elephants with Harrison and they have always been his sort of theme animal. My baby shower was elephant themed, his Christening invite had elephants on and his Christening cake had an elephant cake topper and he has lots of elephants in his bedroom. But my actual favourite animal is our cat Darcey so I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce her properly.... Continue Reading

What I can’t live without? | Blogtober 16

For day 10 of Blogtober 16 I was asked, what is the one thing I can't live without. I hate that this is my answer but the one thing I can't live without is my phone. The shame. Obviously there are more emotional answers like my son, my partner, my mum etc etc. But on a practical level I could not live without my phone! My phone performs so many different roles in my life, it's a real life line. One aspect that makes my phone indispensable to me is that fact that it is my camera. In ... Continue Reading