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Post Christmas Deep Clean and Tidy Up

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Is anyone else pulling their haircut after Christmas? Having worked over the Christmas period on Boxing Day and the 28th I am sure hasn't helped, but I feel like I'm living in a pigsty. A post Christmas deep clean and tidy is seriously needed!
I adore Christmas and love having my decorations up and won't be taking them down until next week but I am really looking forward to things looking less cluttered! I get this cosy feeling when I put them up but after a month I have forgotten how much cleaner and tidier things look without most services covered in tinsel and other decoration. And don't get me started on the tree! Why must they take up so much space! And make so much mess if you get a tree one.
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Cheers to the Christmas and Boxing Day Workers

Dear All, I hope you have all had lovely Christmas’s and are enjoying your Boxing Day’s whatever your normal routine is for Boxing Day. Are you hitting the sales? Or sitting in your pjs watching films and eating yesterdays leftovers? For me, a normal Boxing Day is Christmas Day part 2. We alternate which side of the family we spend Christmas Day with. Then the family that misses out we spend Boxing Day with and do all the presents and eating all over again. However, this year. This post was written and scheduled in advance because this year my Boxing Day is being spent at work. ... Continue Reading

Christmas Tag, Christmas favourites.

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I was tagged by Living Life Our Way to do the Christmas Tag, so on this very exciting Christmas Eve here's my answers to this little Christmas Q&A. I want to know your favourite part of Christmas, so please share in the comments section at the bottom, because I love reading about how everyone else enjoys my favourite holiday.... Continue Reading

Visiting Father Christmas at Reigate Garden Centre vlog

One of my favourite traditions of Christmas time is the excitement of going to visit Father Christmas and the magic of it. Getting to meet the big man himself and telling him what you want. It's all so exciting. Garden centres can be an excellent place to take in all that Christmas wonder! We even took Harrison to go and see Father Christmas when he was 6 weeks old! Bauble meet santa This year decided to go for more of an experience that just your simple shopping centre visit. We went to our local garden centre in Reigate. You can see more our visit in my most recent vlog. ... Continue Reading