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Welcome to our house + Moving vlog and house tour

As you may remember we moved house in August and I finally managed to get round to uploading the moving vlog and house tour after finally sorting out our internet issues. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRaqiwgMiAM] We are so happy with our lovely little house and have definitely enjoyed the benefits of buying a new build so basically not having to do anything to it. Although downside is we can't paint until we have been in a year because of guarantee reasons for the builders. In the coming weeks I will show you the 'after' stage one of everything we have done to the house, how our furniture is arranged etc of all the rooms and then next year when we can paint I'll do finished tours. Until then here is our blank canvas we have made our home. We are fast making this house a home and it is so exciting! Read more to see the pictures! ... Continue Reading