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My February Goals

February goals
As you may have seen this year I have decided against New Year Resolutions and have opted for more achievable monthly goals. My January goals were a great success and has motivated me to achieve more with each month. So February goals are a must have!   So here are my main goals for February! Lose another 5lbs. Last month I lost 6lbs. If I lose another 5 this I will finally be back to my pregnancy weight before Harrison. Reach 100 Facebook likes. Ok why are facebook likes so ... Continue Reading

January Goals – How did I do?

January goals - how did I do
Now if you will remember, back at the beginning of January I made some goals for January instead of New Year's resolutions for the whole year. So I'm rounding up January with looking at how I did. –Drink 2 litres of water a day. I've probably been a bit hit and miss with this one. On the days I work I am doing amazingly and hitting this everyday for sure. On my days at home I am probably just about hitting 2 litres including the several cups of tea and coffee I have which isn't quite want I ... Continue Reading

New year, new me and all that jazz. Goals for 2017 and January

Happy new year fireworks
It's that time of year, the cry of 'new year, new me' has gone up around the country. Gyms have racked in new members and the leftover Christmas chocolate was all eaten last night in a desperate attempt to be able to start the diet today. And in honour of that tradition of new years resolutions here are my goals for 2017. This year I am not having resolutions as they are just so hard to stick to so I'm going to start doing monthly goals at the beginning of each month in order to take baby steps towards my goals for the whole year. ... Continue Reading