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Another month, another trying to conceive disaster

Another month, another period. Another failed month trying to conceive   I apologise to those who are squeamish and think that is far too TMI. You may wish to stop reading if that is how you are feeling. But this month marks yet another unsuccessful cycle and rather than getting used to the pain and disappointment I am finding each and every cycle more and more difficult. You would think a diagnosis of infertility would at least make me expect the worst each time round but no I still find ... Continue Reading

A Month in the Life Trying to Conceive Vlog

trying to conceive vlog
A couple of weeks ago I began to write about our journey trying to conceive baby number two and how it isn't exactly going as we had hoped. Well, earlier in the year I filmed trying to conceive vlog; a 'month in the life of a ttc'er. From the beginning of the cycle, through waiting to ovulate, testing for ovulation and then into the Two Week Wait and testing as part of that. If you aren't trying to conceive this may not be of much interest to you and for that, I apologise but for my other ... Continue Reading

Secondary Infertility: The beginning of a scary journey

Some frightening things are going on over here at Emma & Family. A fortnight ago I took myself off to the doctors to start trying to find out whether there is a reason why I have not successfully fallen pregnant with baby number 2. This isn't necessarily a journey everyone would fell comfortable sharing with the world but I hope that this might all prove useful to someone in the future. But as of last week I am officially down in my doctors records as experiencing Secondary Infertility. ... Continue Reading