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No tv no internet challenge days 4-7?

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I don't know what day we are on anymore! But here's some of the adventures we have gone on in the last few days. Kitchen games: one of Harrison's favourite past times is emptying my kitchen cupboards. Shh don't tell him but I'm going to attempt to save my poor organisational system by getting him an IKEA play kitchen for his birthday. Knowing my luck he will ignore it, still preferring my cupboards! But endless hours have been spent over the last few days playing in my kitchen. His favourite ... Continue Reading

No tv no internet challenge day 3

Day 3 of no tv and no internet! Today has been a beautiful warm sunny day so again our low tech life has been lived outdoors. We started our day with a walk over the Surrey hills. I wanted to go for a really long walk with Harrison in my connecta but having just moved I'll be damned if I could bloody find it anywhere (and naturally I found almost as soon as we got home). So we just donned our trainers and ruck sacks and decided to walk as much as Harrison's little legs would tolerate and ... Continue Reading

No tv, no internet challenge day 2

Admittedly day 2 was pretty easy as we were actually a 2.5 hour drive away at a 3 year olds birthday party  so we had absolutely no need for the tv or internet. Harrison did however discover the joys of a sand table so there's something to add to the birthday/Christmas lists for him to go in our garden! Continue Reading