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June Goals: Reconnecting with my toddler

June Goals
Ok who stole May, I swear I blinked at all of a sudden we have our second bank holiday of May and we are into June! and into the 6th month of monthly goals! Have you kept your new years resolutions? It was probably all the being in the sun I have been doing. I have a tan I will have you know!   But with the end of a month and the beginning of another, it is time again to reflect on my goals for last month and make some new ones! So if you missed it my goals for May were as ... Continue Reading

March Goals: Time to unwind

March goals
It's the beginning of March which means it is goal setting time again. First, let's lookย back on February; my February goals were: Lose another 5lb. I'll be honest I sucked at this,ย this month. I weigh exactly the same as I did at the beginning of last month. I wasn't very dedicated and I did next to no exercise; not a very productive combination. Reach 100 Facebook likes. TICK! Yup, I in fact now have 112! Success. If you haven't liked yet, hit the like button up in the right-hand ... Continue Reading