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Must-watch boxsets with a newborn | Blogtober 16

Newborn Boxset viewing
These days I try to limit how much the tv is on around the house during the day when Harrison is around. (Note I said 'try to', I don't actually succeed anywhere near as much as I would like to). But when he was a teeny tiny newborn, boxsets got me through the those lazy newborn days. Snuggled with a newborn (on my boob for the majority of his waking hours) on the sofa meant I turned to Netflix and these are some of my favourite series that I watched during that time. -Once Upon A Time. OUAT ... Continue Reading

Breastfeeding week special

newborn toddler breastfeeding
For international breastfeeding week I thought I would talk a bit about my experiences as a breastfeeding special .When I was pregnant I knew I wanted to breastfeed but I was totally open to formula feeding my son if I needed to but as soon as he was born I was hooked on breastfeeding. He self weaned about 5 months ago at 16months old and I really miss it in all honesty and would have happily continued breast feeding for as long as he wanted to. ... Continue Reading