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Honest review: The Kidloland educational play app

Kidloland app
*Disclosure: I was given a six month subscription to the Kidloland App in exchange for writing this review, at the end of this free period I have now paid to continue the subscription as my son as enjoyed it so much* As I have discussed before I debated whether having a iPad for my toddler was a route I wanted to go down for quite some time In the end, I decided that the educational benefits of this kind of technology is worth the increased screen time. Not long after purchasing our iPad, ... Continue Reading

Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience Review

Peppa Pig my first cinema experience review
Hands up, I'll admit that I tried to keep my son away from Peppa Pig for as long as physically possible, but after enduring his Bing addiction for months on end, that thought of how bad can it really be popped into my head. After two episodes he was hooked! Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa and George are frequent visitors to our household! So when Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience came out in the cinema's just around the age we were thinking it would be fun to take Harrison for his first cinema ... Continue Reading

Cake in the post? Hell yeah! | Bakerdays review 

christmas bauble cake
  A have a simple question for you. Would you like to receive cake through the post, through your letter box? If your answer was hell yeah then you are my type of person. And Bakerdays.com's kind of person!... Continue Reading

Visiting Father Christmas at Reigate Garden Centre vlog

One of my favourite traditions of Christmas time is the excitement of going to visit Father Christmas and the magic of it. Getting to meet the big man himself and telling him what you want. It's all so exciting. Garden centres can be an excellent place to take in all that Christmas wonder! We even took Harrison to go and see Father Christmas when he was 6 weeks old! Bauble meet santa This year decided to go for more of an experience that just your simple shopping centre visit. We went to our local garden centre in Reigate. You can see more our visit in my most recent vlog. ... Continue Reading

Storksak Elizabeth review – Favourite present | Blogtober 16

My favourite present I have ever received was my Storksak Elizabeth changing bag that my mummy bought for me as an early birthday present before Harrison was born. It is without even close competition the most expensive bag I have ever owned. I have never been the expensive handbag type, don’t get me wrong, I can see the beauty in those ridiculously priced bags like Birkins but I also really like my current work handbag which is from Clarks of all places! I don’t think a lot of designer ... Continue Reading