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Why I bought my toddler an iPad

toddler an iPad
Whether to buy a toddler an iPad/tablet/Kindle/whatever-other-devices-I-can't-think-of-right-now is a debate that can rage fiercely between parents. Some horrified by the idea, some giving their newborn an electrical device of some kind. I'm not here to tell you which is right, where the line should be drawn and I'm not even going to put my little toe into the arena of the classic debate: How much screen time is too much screen time? Every family is different, every child is different and it is ... Continue Reading

Lessons I learnt sending my toddler to nursery!

toddler nursery lessons
  Back in October I posted about the mummy guilt of sending Harrison to nursery one day a week. We are now 4 months down the line and the mummy guilt is finally starting to subside. She says whilst sat in costa enjoying a child free latte waiting to go and pick him up on a nursery day. It has been a really rough transition for us all as a family. There have been tears from all of us over the last couple of months but finally two weeks ago we dropped H off with no tears! Admittedly ... Continue Reading

The brat at soft play: when can you tell them off?

brat at soft play
Other peoples children. Hmm. How do I say this without sound like a total bitch? Well... I hate a lot of them! Actually that isn't true, I think what I hate more are other parents and a general lack of discipline around other children. Especially the brat at soft play! I'm sure most parents have been in this situation when your toddler is happily playing away at toddler group, soft play, the park etc when out of nowhere comes some horrible child, normally older than yours, you will hit, push, snatch from your child. Before you know it your child is crying and some little shit of a child is there in front of you and their parent is nowhere in sight. And you are left with the dilemma. Can you tell off other people's kids? ... Continue Reading

To my dearest darling two year old

toddler boy cake
To my dearest, darling Harrison. You are two years old. How on earth are you already two years old? It seems like it was only 5 minutes ago that you were a newborn. The anonymous ‘they’ always tell you to savour every minute because it goes by so fast and they are so right! Yet, I can’t remember life before you, what did me and your father do with our time when we didn’t have you to make us smile, (or rip our hair out)?! Continue Reading

Why I love our new area | Blogtober 16 Day 20

Harrison and I have both been stuck down with the flu or something darn close to the flu and I have barely been able to function let alone open my laptop and blog. So for these last remaining days of October I will playing catch up and posting several times a day to get my final posts of the month up. So day 20 asked what do I love about where I live. As you may know if you have followed my blog since the beginning a few months ago, we moved house 2 months ago and are settling into our new area. So here are my top 5 favourite things about where we now live. Continue Reading

Day in the life | Blogtober 2016

For today's timeline I did a Day in the Life Youtube video over on my channel Emma and Family. If you liked the video please go over and subscribe, it is my goals for once I have internet set up in the house again to upload on there more often. Continue Reading