Piercings and Tattoos? | Blogtober 16

Tattoos are an interesting subject for me.. I have always wanted a tattoo but have never been able to find an idea that I have loved enough. I would love to get a tattoo to represent Harrison but don’t fancy the idea of his name or date of birth. Not that I dislike that idea but the creative side of me wants something more unusual and beautiful.

I am always fascinated seeing other people’s tattoos and their feelings about them.

I have an obsession about water colour tattoo’s. I love how almost organic they look, like they should be there. Something similar to this would be something I would love to have as I have always had elephants as a representation of Harrison.

Elephant watercolour tattoo

Who knows whether I would ever be brave enough to actually commit though.

I do have a couple of piercings. They are fairly boring though. Belly button, two in each ear lobe and my tragus. My favourite of those being my tragus, my poor belly button piercing had some slight mishaps with stretch marks whilst pregnant.





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