Lap and Dye and Hysteroscopy procedure recovery for infertility

Here is the third and final part of my lap and dye procedure series. I had my lap and dye and hysterscopy under the NHS to investigate the cause of my secondary infertility in January 2018. In this video I discuss what to expect from the recovery of this procedure and how recovery went for me.     Continue Reading

Lap and Dye and Hysteroscopy Surgery for Secondary Infertility – The Surgery

Last week I posted about how I prepared for my Lap and Dye and Hysteroscopy surgery that I had in January to explore the cause of my secondary infertility. As promised, in the video above I discuss my experience of how the day of surgery went and what to expect having this surgery as a day procedure in an NHS hospital. For more information on these procedures check out these NHS resource... Continue Reading

Preparing for a Lap and Dye and Hysteroscopy procedure for infertility investigation

As part of my treatment program for secondary infertility, my fertility specialist wanted to check that everything was healthy structurally within my womb and most importantly my fallopian tubes. That meant in my case having a surgical procedure done to go and properly take a look at everything. So I was booked in for a 'Lap and Dye' procedure and a Hysteroscopy. Having already had one child ... Continue Reading

Infertility update: My experience taking Clomid – my first, and unsuccessful cycle.

So in my last infertility update, I spoke about how I needed to have laparoscopic surgery to check whether there was anything else on top of my PCOS stopping us from conceiving our much wanted second baby. Fast forward to and I had another appointment with the lovely Dr Booker who dropped the bombshell that, not only had I not had the surgery pencilled in but he was leaving and therefore couldn... Continue Reading

Honest review: The Kidloland educational play app

Kidloland app
*Disclosure: I was given a six month subscription to the Kidloland App in exchange for writing this review, at the end of this free period I have now paid to continue the subscription as my son as enjoyed it so much* As I have discussed before I debated whether having a iPad for my toddler was a route I wanted to go down for quite some time In the end, I decided that the educational benefits ... Continue Reading

What to expect from your first NHS infertility appointment

NHS infertility appointment
In June 2017, after 15 months of trying to conceive, I finally had our first NHS infertility appointment about our secondary infertility. I didn’t have a clue what to expect in that appointment and felt extremely nervous about going. I did plenty of research and found loads of information about the US, but due to the very different health services, I couldn’t be sure that would be anything ... Continue Reading