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Welcome to Emma and Family! As a little family team we blog about navigating through life as a young family, the good times, the bad times and the expensive times. We have just bought out first home and will blog about raising our children, making our home, budgeting and just life in general.

Here’s a little about each member of our family.

IMG_9850Emma is a 25 year old mother of one human baby and one fur baby. She current works as a Brain Injury Support Worker part time whilst working hard at raising her son. Before taking a ‘break’ to raise children Emma was training to become a Psychologist having completed both her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degrees and just having a Ph.D left to go. Emma’s hobbies include far too much time spent on Pinterest, YouTube and the Internet in general (I’m working on cutting this down, bad Mummy!), doing all the arts and crafts projects she finds on Pinterest, playing the piano and as of late jogging (and believe us when we say we are all shocked about that last one!).



Fabio is 27 years old and works as a Bid Manager for a computer networking company. His number one priority in life is his family, the softy of the family he will do anything to spend as much time with his family as possible and work as hard as possible to provide for them. He originally studied to be a photographer but now keeps photography and photo editing as a hobby (the vast majority of good looking photos on this blog will be his, the slightly fuzzy dark ones will be Emma’s trademark contributions!).



Harrison is a two and a half year one bundle of trouble. He has enough personality to fill a school by himself! Best known for his ability to pull ridiculous faces on command and his love for sleep (much to his parents joy!). He is growing up to be a charming delightful little boy!



Emma and Family

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