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Up until we moved house in August 2016 I was not one to do a meal plan. In my teeny tiny shoe box kitchen, I didn’t have the space to keep a whole weeks worth of feed and we lived opposite large Sainsbury’s so I didn’t need to buy a week’s worth of food at once! (That is no exaggeration, all that was between us and Sainsbury’s was a road, I could see it from my lounge window, it wasn’t the nicest view I have ever had.) The most meal planning I ever did was ‘hmmm what do I fancy for dinner tonight?’.

When we moved in August we finally had a family sized kitchen and fridge and possibly, more importantly, Sainsbury’s was now a 10-minute drive away so I no longer wanted to pop out to buy ingredients for dinner every single day! And this was one hell of a culture shock, suddenly I needed to meal plan!

I’m not going to lie and say I’m this super organised super mum who sits down with the family on a Sunday night and plans the week’s meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks! Puts it into budgets. Any of that. Far too often I actually pull up at Sainsbury’s and sit in the car park and quickly scrawl it down before walking in. Although I must highlight that I DO NOT advocate that method because I forget something every week without fail when I do that method.

This is what I use to meal plan, this is just a cheap meal planner from Wilko’s last year. I do have a pretty printable meal planner I am working on though so keep your eyes out!

Meal Plan

What I find annoying about this though is the idea of planning out all of those meals! Instead, I just plan our dinners and on most days we have enough leftovers to eat for lunch the next day and I buy a general selection of lunch items (or I just eat my guilty pleasure of spaghetti hoops for lunch every day whilst Fabio and Harrison eat much more nutritionally rounded meals!)

So without further ado, here is my meal plan for this week. What you can see here is the combined effect of my quick scribbles as I sat in the carpark this morning and then extra detail I added as I actually walked around Sainsbury’s doing my food shop. Again I should point out I do not recommend this as a technique for effective meal planning!

Meal Plan for week beginning 27th March

Meal plan filled in


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