Why I love our new area | Blogtober 16 Day 20

Harrison and I have both been stuck down with the flu or something darn close to the flu and I have barely been able to function let alone open my laptop and blog. So for these last remaining days of October I will playing catch up and posting several times a day to get my final posts of the month up.

So day 20 asked what do I love about where I live. As you may know if you have followed my blog since the beginning a few months ago, we moved house 2 months ago and are settling into our new area. So here are my top 5 favourite things about where we now live.

    1. We own it! Ok so I cheated on this point because this isn’t about the area, but this is by far my favourite thing ever. The house we now live in is our own home, we have only ever rented and lived in flats or shared rented houses with other people. This is our first real house and it isn’t rented, it is our own house.
    2. We live right in the Surrey Hills. Going for long family walks is one of my favourite things to do on pretty much any day it isn’t raining and walking around over the Surrey Hills is the perfect place to go walking and take in the breath taking scenery.

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3. We live only 30 minutes from central London by train, so we can easily pop into London for all kinds of different days out.

4.Being in the suburbs may be pricey but it means that as well as close to London but we are also close to the countryside. Within 30 minutes drive we have a close of 3 different great children’s farms. Perfect when you have an animal obsessed son like I do!


5. We are also only about 40mins away from Guildford Spectrum, a wonderland for children. It has an ice rink, amazing pool with slides, wave pool and diving pool and a bowling alley. I love it there, Harrison is still a little young for it but is somewhere I am sure we will be going loads as he gets older!


*Reviews are to follow on all places mentioned in this post.*



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