My new house cleaning schedule

New house… new rules! I have to hold my hands up and admit I was not made to be a housewife. I love my family, and I adore my new house but keeping things clean, tidy and organised just doesn’t come naturally to me. Good news is, I’m an A type personality and actually love to be organised. Stick me in an office supplies shop and I am like a kid at christmas! Lists, specifally to do lists are my joie de vivre! Hence this, ta da! The Emma and Family Cleaning Schedule!

That in mind I am approaching my brand new sparkling clean home with a simple goal in mind and that is keep it looking lovely, brand new, sparkling and clean! And I am going to acheive this with the mother of all to do lists.

Now I currently I work two 12 hour days a week which actually including travel time keeps me out of the house over 14 hours so shockingly I don’t get any housework done on those days so this schedule is going to be based on a 5 day plan with two days off. Now if you decide to follow this then obviously feel free to use those two days off as you wish, on busy days, on the weekends so you aren’t worrying about housework, up to you.



-Make beds

-Wipe worksurfaces

-Load dish washer

-Unload dishwasher


DAY OFF! Woo feet up after work, ideally with wine in hand, the mess made by a toddler playing and boyfriend cooking can be left until tomorrow.

Tuesday: Downstairs day

-Hoover downstairs (Lounge, hallway and stair case)

-Mop kitchen and downstairs bathroom floors

-Dust downstairs

-Whites washing


DAY OFF again! Again feet up, possible two glasses of wine….

Thursday: Bathroom day

-Clean all bathrooms, through deep cleans, none of this just wiping things down business!

-Empty bathroom bins

-Cloth nappy wash (this is obviously totally down to your family, but if you do use cloth nappies I definitely recommend a good washing routine, I’ll talk about mine in other post in more detail)

Friday: Bedrooms day

-Hoover bedrooms

-Change bedding every other week (or every week during the summer when we are all a bit hot and sweaty!)

-Make sure there aren’t any stray socks or pants hiding behind any doors!

-Dust and wipe down surfaces

-Darks washing


-Hoover downstairs again. I know, I know, you have already done it this week but just think of all those times little toddler feet have sprinted on through straight from the garden and be thankful that this isn’t on the list for every single day!

Sunday: Tidy

-Go through any papers and general junk that has found it’s way onto worksurfaces and desks but no further than that. Read and file what needs to be, and recycle the rest. Those sunglasses that have been lingering on the side all week despite it having been pouring rain since you last wore them? Put them way. You get the idea, get rid of the clutter that somehow deposits itself around the house, I’m sure there are some kind of goblins that come in over night and make all this mess!

-Colour washing



And you are done, you are back to Monday with a clean and tidy house.

Just keep in mind the better you become at sticking to a rountine the quicker and easier it will be do to each task, the bathrooms won’t take long to clean because they won’t have gotten very dirty in only a week. Tidying away clutter will only take minutes when you only have one weeks worth of junk mail sitting on your counter.

Here’s a simple version of this routine without the days on for you to adapt to your own life.


cleaning schedule




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  • comment-avatar
    Days with the Doyles August 28, 2016 (3:37 pm)

    Great idea, I never stick at anything and just do things when I get round to it, I’m always moaning I want a tidy house lol X

    • comment-avatar
      Emma Thrussell August 28, 2016 (3:51 pm)

      That’s how I used to do things, and all I ended up doing was getting stressed and trying to do it all at the last minute when someone is coming round. I’m finding it so much easier keeping on top of it a little day by day x

      • comment-avatar
        Days with the Doyles August 28, 2016 (3:57 pm)

        Glad it’s working for you, I’ll have to give it a bash, I like lists X

  • comment-avatar
    more4mums August 31, 2016 (2:23 pm)

    This is such a good idea, I hate housework and tend to leave everything until I have to do it. Will have to adapt to my own schedule.

    • comment-avatar
      Emma Thrussell August 31, 2016 (7:44 pm)

      That’s how I used to approach it, especially when I lived in rented places, but my brand new shiny house definitely helps with the motivation!

  • comment-avatar
    jesslilly17 September 1, 2016 (7:35 am)

    I’m moving into a freshly built house soon, I love this idea 🙂

    • comment-avatar
      Emma Thrussell September 3, 2016 (12:24 pm)

      Congratulations! It’s so lovely being freshly built! It’s so nice feeling it is just yours, nobody else has lived there before! Hope your move goes smoothly

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