Post Christmas Deep Clean and Tidy Up

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Is anyone else pulling their haircut after Christmas? Having worked over the Christmas period on Boxing Day and the 28th I am sure hasn’t helped, but I feel like I’m living in a pigsty. A post Christmas deep clean and tidy is seriously needed!
I adore Christmas and love having my decorations up and won’t be taking them down until next week but I am really looking forward to things looking less cluttered! I get this cosy feeling when I put them up but after a month I have forgotten how much cleaner and tidier things look without most services covered in tinsel and other decoration. And don’t get me started on the tree! Why must they take up so much space! And make so much mess if you get a tree one.

 Christmas tree with presents
Santa was also very generous this year and now I’m left drowning in toys!
Harrison doesn’t have the biggest space to keep all his toys. He has one of those 2×2 ikea storage units with the square baskets. So I need to go through them all and put away loads that he has outgrown to make new for the new ones because they don’t all fit in.
And! Why is it that the older he gets the bigger the toys get?! He loves trains and cars so he now has at least 4 great big car tracks. Which he is loving! But in the evening I like tidying the toys away and my lounge being a grown up space again and I don’t get them serene feeling with the bright plastic toot toot car tracks everywhere.
 Toddler toot toot tracks
So my friends, I need help!
What storage do you recommend for in the lounge for toys etc? Before I fall down the rabbit hole of looking on pinterest.

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