We’re buying our first house with Help to Buy

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So since Fabio and I got together we have lived in a combination of different set ups, student houses where we rented one bedroom, house shares  (both successful and not), a tiny one bed flat which barely fit our double bed in and then our two bed flat we currently live. All of which have been rented. Well after a little over a year of trying we are ecstatic to announce that we have bought our first home! All thanks to the Help to Buy Schemes!

Now let’s be honest. We live in a Surrey suburb only around 30 minutes from Central London. House prices are NOT cheap around here. What will buy you a little semi-detached 3 bedroom home this close to London would buy you something somewhat palatial further north in the UK. Or even over in the US (note to everyone do not look on Rightmove at what your British £ will by you in California, you will seriously question all your decisions you have ever made about where to live, we could have a damn pool!).

But all that aside, we are not rich people, we are both still in our 20’s, we had our son pretty much straight out of university. Fabio works full time but in a new career and I work part time. The only way we have been able to afford to buy is through the governments Help to Buy Scheme, Shared Ownership. It has allowed us to buy a 3 bed semi detached new build spread over 3 stories with a nice little garden. Which is more than we even dreamed of being able buy in even the next ten years or so.

I will explain in coming posts how Shared Ownership has worked for us and much more interestingly will show you how we turn our new build house into a home for our family once they have finished building it that this!

Catch you later,

Emma and family xx

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    Hannah November 10, 2017 (3:28 pm)

    We’re on a part but part rent scheme and it’s definitely the only way we could have got on the housing ladder. When we were looking my hubby was a youth worker for a church so wasn’t on very much and I was a full time Customer Service Assistant. But it got to the point that we worked out if we could get it together we could pay less on a mortgage payment than we were paying on rent and have something that would be technically ours.
    Yay for your new home!!
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