2016 Round up! Highs and Lows

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2016 was possibly up there as one of the best but most stressful of my life.
It is always the way, isn’t it, that with great highs come great lows.

The beginning of 2016 was pretty boring. Day to day life was business as normal. I was about 8 months into my job. It had come through a lot of changes that had simultaneously made it so much better and more fun but also a lot harder and more intense. I was still settling into being at work with Harrison still being so little and the associated guilt with that. Over the year my job has continued to change and evolve and it is now at a place I’m really happy with, I’m earning money I’m happy with and I’m feeling pretty fulfilled. Knackered, but fulfilled. My days at home with a toddler are infinitely more relaxing and chilled.

Harrison has given both joy and stress in that beautiful way that toddlers just do! He was 14months old going into 2016 and 26months leaving it. And what a busy year that age gives! He has gone from wobbly steps to full on pelting around. From still really being my baby that tears could be cured with a cuddle and maybe a boob to full blown terrible two temper tantrums. He has learnt so many new things and turned into a little boy and it has all been terribly exciting to watch!Tantruming toddlerToddler on Reigate Hill

It was 2016 that we decided it was the right time to add another baby to our family and that come with so much anticipation and excitement but also disappointment, heart break and frustration and we go into 2017 still trying for that seemingly illusive baby number 2.

Probably most excitingly this year, we bought our first home. Something that has been a big time goal for both of us all our lives but particularly since Harrison was born. Giving our son a home to live in that will most likely be his home for at least a decade if not his whole childhood as been soothing for the soul. It gives him a huge bedroom to play in, a garden to spend muddy nose filled summers and friends on his doorstep. It’s been a dream come true and has probably been our moment of feeling proudest of ourselves as parents. I kind of feel like we ‘made it’ as grown ups this year!

Bought a house


And of course. This blog was born in 2016. It is still in its infancy of course but it has provided a much needed outlet and hobby for me that has made me into a better person I think. I’m the type of person that always needs a project or a task and before I was pregnant I was always studying and that covered that need. When Harrison was tiny he was my project, in that way that newborns and under 1s need your constant devotion. If I wasn’t directly with him then I was researching things to do with him, milestones and making plans.

Then as he has gotten older and things change more slowly, he is starting to make his own path in life; if that makes any sense as a two year old. He already needed me less, I didn’t need to be constantly googling sleep regression and cluster feeding and cloth nappies. I sort of had all that down leaving me with a bit of a gap, constantly on social media and Pinterest aimlessly wandering through the internet before I found my path to my blog and being able to put all that web time to a purpose. I feel like a more organised, more focused and more motivated person now I have an end result to fill my (although limited) spare time.

What did 2016 hold for you? Here are my goals for 2017, let me know yours in the comments.

A big new start for 2017 for me was the launch of this blogs Facebook page so please go ahead and give it a like. 

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    Mackenzie Glanville January 15, 2017 (3:56 am)

    I’m so happy it was such a great year for you, and thrilled that you started your blog. Blogging has been such a great thing in my life and I hope the same for you xx

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