27 month check and 2 years old development update

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Harrison had his 27 month check with the Health Visitors a couple of weeks ago so I thought it was time to finally do his 2 year update on youtube!

What to expect at your child’s 27 month health visitor check.

Some areas do this check at two years old, some 2 and a half years old, but in my area it is a 27 month check. A couple of weeks before the appointment we received his questionnaire. It’s basically a check list of what should your child be able to do at this age.

I’m guessing a lot of different areas do this check differently, possibly even different health visitors do it differently to each other. At our check the health visitor just let him play on the floor, I assumed so that she could watch him do the things they were looking for. Whether or not that is what she normally does who knows, because he had just been at toddler group for an hour and a half and was knackered so just sat with me the whole time! Whoops! So she just read the questionnaire, talked to me about any concerns and graded his questionnaire.

They rank things are their skills being in the white zone which is the exacted range, grey which is a little beyond and in the black which is a cause of concern.

How did he do?

Harrison did really well in most areas, although strangely came up as in the grey zone for fine motor skills, but that was just because he has never tried to do the things that the questionnaire asked for fine motor. They were questions like can he copy you draw a straight line, I haven’t got the foggiest! Give my son crayons and he is off scribbling like a crazy kid! He doesn’t want to watch me draw a line, I get told off if I try and join in. I have absolutely no concerns with his fine motor skills so she was happy.

Also surprisingly, I expected Harrison to be in the grey area of his speech and language skills as he seems behind so many of his peers and in all honesty it had been causing me some concerns. But according to the questionnaire he was in the white section (although admittedly in the lowest point of it). She did agree with me that he doesn’t have as big a vocabulary as you would maybe expect of a child his age so recommended I take him to a course called Every Childs a Talker.

We don’t start going for another couple of weeks but it should help teach me more ways to help aid his development.


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    Vicki @ tippytupps February 25, 2017 (9:39 pm)

    My nephew hardly spoke until 2 years old but then one day he was off! Every baby goes at their own rate and it sounds like he’s doing amazing!

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    Katy Stevens February 27, 2017 (9:29 am)

    I hope the course helps. Some of my nephews have been slow at talking but once they get started at 3-4 there is no holding them back!
    Katy Stevens recently posted…Shrove Tuesday 2017 – get prepared now!My Profile

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    Becki Parsons February 27, 2017 (9:55 am)

    We had our review at 23 months and despite my son being an avid talker and tower builder our HV told us that he was going to have to be referred for further checks as we hadn’t managed to do all the activities in the questionnaire. I was livid! The woman who’d been seen before us hadn’t answered the questionnaire at all and the HV spent half an hour with her going through all the questions, whereas we hadn’t answered just one and she was just going to refer us! I asked her to do the activity there and then and he flew through it. In my SIL’s area they don’t do the review until 28 months because so many kids were failing them… you’d think they could see something was wrong there, wouldn’t you?!

    And all kids talk in their own time – friends of ours’ son waited until he was 4 and now he doesn’t stop 🙂

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