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For international breastfeeding week I thought I would talk a bit about my experiences as a breastfeeding special .When I was pregnant I knew I wanted to breastfeed but I was totally open to formula feeding my son if I needed to but as soon as he was born I was hooked on breastfeeding. He self weaned about 5 months ago at 16months old and I really miss it in all honesty and would have happily continued breast feeding for as long as he wanted to.

It wasn’t always easy, don’t get me wrong, breastfeeding can be a challenge. In the early newborn phase when they feed for at least 30minutes a time and need feeding every 2 -3 hours it is hard work and it is tiring but in those early days he was feeding for up to 4 hours total a day, that is 4 hours quality cuddling time, when you and only you get to snuggle your delicious newborn.

We also struggled with issues of tongue tie which was cut when he was a couple of weeks old. Until then feeding him was down right, sweating despite it being November, painful and I had issues with bleeding, sores, blisters and cracked nipples but after it was snipped it quickly became so much less painful and a much easier more enjoyable process. And in all honesty the fact that I continued and stuck to my guns despite the discomfort makes me incredible proud as a mother!

As Harrison got older breastfeeding only became more special. A lot of people think you should stop at 3-6 months old but as they get older your opportunity to get cuddles deminishes but the joy in their eyes and the smiles they give when they settle down for a feed cuddle will just melt you.


I could probably go on about how magical I found breastfeeding Harrison endlessly, I regularly miss it and I am already looking forward to feeding my next child.

And as for feeding in public, I will make a whole post about this one day. But be proud, feed your baby where and when they are hungry. The more confident you act the less likely someone is to challenge you on it. I went 16months of feeding and never had a negative comment, don’t be afraid!


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