Career planned as a child | Blogtober ’16 Day 5

What career did I have planned as a child?

As a child I wanted to be a midwife, that then changed to lawyer when I watched Legally Blonde! Standard, Reese Witherspoon infatuation to blame then. Then in my teens was when I became interested in mental health and decided that’s the field I want to work in, have studied for and plan to continue with.

However, I must admit since falling pregnant with Harrison I have thought about midwifery as a career several times. I find pregnancy and child birth incredible and fascinating and may have spent far too much time on occasion watching birth videos on youtube. I get swept up in the romance of the idea of watching women bring their children into the world. But it isn’t a career for the faint hearted and honestly I don’t think I have the dedication. I already work in health care and find the long hours and shift work difficult and don’t think I would be happy in a job when I had to deal with that for the rest of my working life.

But I have a great admiration for midwives. They are incredibly strong women (just think of the abuse they must get daily from labouring mothers) and incredible workers. The lady who was my midwife when I was having Harrison was a lovely woman who even stayed beyond the end of her shift when my birth started going wrong (see more about my birth story on my guest post for More 4 Mums). Her replacement had arrived but still she went to theatre with me and stayed until after Harrison was born and we were both settled into the HDU. She must have stayed  a good 2 hours after the end of her shift and I am eternally grateful to her for that because the continuity of care she provided made a huge difference when I was panicking.

So respect to all the midwives out there, you do the job I dream of doing but am not brave or strong enough to do!


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    Victoria October 6, 2016 (12:26 am)

    Just found your lovely blog via twitter!. I know exactly what you mean about midwives, they really are amazing aren’t they. Mine really went above & beyond as well, I can’t imagine the hours they must put in! Looking forward to seeing more of your Blogtober posts

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