January Goals – How did I do?

  • January goals - how did I do

Now if you will remember, back at the beginning of January I made some goals for January instead of New Year’s resolutions for the whole year. So I’m rounding up January with looking at how I did.

–Drink 2 litres of water a day.

I’ve probably been a bit hit and miss with this one. On the days I work I am doing amazingly and hitting this everyday for sure. On my days at home I am probably just about hitting 2 litres including the several cups of tea and coffee I have which isn’t quite want I was intending. So a little more work needed on that one. My skin however is a little bit better, the acne still isn’t any better but the rest of my skin feels healthier so maybe reduced acne will follow!


-Lose the 5lb I gained over Christmas.

I did this one! WOOO! I even lost a whole lb extra at 6lb! Actually not even over the last month, it took me a couple of weeks to get into the swing of this and I lost that in the last two weeks. I will probably do a post about how I am doing this in a month or so’s time if I am still having success with this weight loss.

-Increase my DA by at least 2.

Rather disappointingly I only went up by 1 this month, which is better than nothing but not as good as I hoped for. I think it will be a bit better next month though as I have done a few guest posts which I don’t think are due to go live until some point in February.

-Reach 2000 followers on twitter.

Success!! At the point of writing this I was on 2061. I’m so pleased with this milestone! It feels like a biggie. Now onto the next 1000 🙂

-Reach 50 likes on Facebook.

Success again. I have reached a grand 78 likes on Facebook this month, although I feel I have cheated somewhat in that around 50 of those likes are my friends and family. But Facebook is a really slow grower and is definitely going to take some work! On that note if you haven’t liked my facebook page and would like an easy way to keep up with Emma and Family, please head here to like.

-Finish the training certificate I am doing at work

By the skin of my teeth, I only have about 30mins work left on this so hopefully will get in finished on the train on my way to work tomorrow.

-Go for at least 1 run a week.

I failed miserably at this, I went on 1 run, but I have done another 2 workout sessions in my lounge. My excuse is that it has been far too cold and icy to go out running!!


So it seems that my monthly goals is helping me, for the most part, stay on track with my goals better than new year resolutions have ever done. So I will keep this up. Keep an eye out for my February goals coming soon!

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