March Goals: Time to unwind

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It’s the beginning of March which means it is goal setting time again.

First, let’s look back on February; my February goals were:

  1. Lose another 5lb. I’ll be honest I sucked at this, this month. I weigh exactly the same as I did at the beginning of last month. I wasn’t very dedicated and I did next to no exercise; not a very productive combination.
  2. Reach 100 Facebook likes. TICK! Yup, I in fact now have 112! Success. If you haven’t liked yet, hit the like button up in the right-hand sidebar 🙂
  3. To upload 2 youtube videos! I did indeed, I posted Harrison’s Two Year Update and a Month in the Life Trying To Conceive vlog.
  4. To post here on the blog twice a week. Again, success! Here was my favourite blog post this month: Lesson’s I learnt send my toddler to nursery.
  5. To get my health in gear. I can happily say that since the cold I had whilst late goal I have had not more goals so that’s a record for me for the last few months!


So here we go,

My March Goals

This month I’m putting a theme into my goals. That is of general peace and well-being. If you have read my last months or so’s worth of posts you will know that I am a) trying to conceive and b) trying to work on de-stressing. I have been reading a book this month all about the effects on the body of stress and as a result of this, this month my goal is to relax, unwind and de-stress. So March Goals:

  1. Do a mindfulness/relaxation session every day. At the moment I have just started using the Headspace App to take 10 minutes a day to unwind and declutter my mind.
  2. Do more exercise. Now the weather is warming up a little I’m hoping to get out running or at least doing a home workout once a week for those all important endorphins.
  3. Pamper me a bit more. A couple of face masks, some hair deep conditioning that kind of thing.
  4. Up my water intake again, my January goal was to drink more water every day and I did great in January but it did slip down again in February so I need to get that backup.
  5. Get an average of 7 hours sleep a night. I currently only average 6-6.5 hours a night according to my Fitbit so I’m hoping to increase that slightly.

What are your goals for March? Will you join me and take a little bit more self-care?

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    Shannon March 6, 2017 (7:14 pm)

    Hi Emma, Shannon here!

    I can totally relate to your “do your exercise” goal for march. I’ve been in such a slum its hard to even get motivated. Ive just been winging these pass few months honestly but I do enjoy walking so I guess thats kind of an “exercise”. I hope you get the goals you need completed this month!

    xx Shannon //

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