My heart is with Manchester and parents everywhere.

  • Heart with Manchester

I had a whole load of posts I planned to be writing today about an array of different parenting things but in light of the horrific events in Manchester last night I am finding myself unable to focus.

Both last night’s tragedy and the news of the poor little girl who died on her school trip to the theme park have left me reeling and in tears for the families of those involved.

Parenthood is such a hard battle and one of the joys of this battle is letting your child off free into the world it enjoy life and see all the good and fun the world has to offer. All of those parents sent their children out into the evening last night expecting to collect their ecstatic, jubilant child full of stories and pictures and excitement. Instead, they are facing every parents’ worst nightmare.

Parenthood is full of anxiety and worry and the constant internal monologue of what if’s but never in a million years would any of those parents worried about whether their sons and daughters would be returning home to them.

There are no words that I can write here that can make anything even the slightest bit better.

No word’s from politicians saying we must not give into terror, we must carry on and not let terrorists win can convince me that anyone is going about their day today feeling like we are winning anything.

So for today, my blog is down, my scheduled tweets turned off, it is not business as usual.

To all those effected by last nights tragedy, to those that have lost loved ones and those going through the nightmare of still not knowing whether their families and friends are safe. My constant thoughts, my heart and my tears are with you.


It’s cliche and massively overstated but this evening when I pick my son up from nursery I will be holding him closer and more tightly than I ever have done before. I will be thankful for every tantrum, every smile, every kiss because he is my son and I am lucky to have him.


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