I need surgery! Trying to conceive/infertility update

A long overdue trying to conceive update here, so if you don’t want to try about infertility issues then just more along! I haven’t sat down and written an update since the beginning of June and a lot has and hasn’t changed since then!

So I meet my consultant Dr Booker at the beginning of June, he seems very lovely, having googled him he seems very well respected etc. So we were really pleased.

They took all my history and looked at the results from the tests I had already had. He confirmed that absolutely 100% I have PCOS and judging by my cycles over the last year he was doubtful whether I had been ovulating at all, and if I had, it had been ‘weak ovulation’. He was very happy with Fabio’s results so that was very positive.

It all happened very quickly and was a bit of a blur but the outcome of the appointment was:

  1. I need to do cycle monitoring to see whether I do ovualted. 70 days of cycle monitoring and around 10 ultrasounds later it became pretty clear that I do indeed not ovulate.
  2. Not ovulating, although a major bummer, is to be expected and it treatable, he would like to start me on clomid, which will hopefully get me ovulation and then theoretically I should fall pregnant no problem.
  3. BUT! Before he is willing to put me on Clomid he wants to give me what I have dubbed the full fertility MOT! I need surgery basically.

It’s now 3 months later and I still have not even received a surgery date despite the fact that my appointment to start Clomid is now in a months time.

The surgery I need is actually several different procedures but he is rolling them all into one to make sure he has covered all the bases.

  1. D&C – typically this is actually used to ‘treat’ miscarriage so I’m not actually 100% why I am having this but basically he will dilate my cervix (D) and removing the contents of my womb via curettage (C).
  2. Hysteroscopy – this is also done via the dilated cervix and will involve him using a camera to look at the inside of my uterus and check there is nothing unexpected there.
  3. Possible division of a septum – one thing he will be looking for with the hysteroscopy is that according to my ultrasound I have a sub-septate uterus (I have explained this before here.) What the ultrasound doesn’t show is its size, but if he feels it is big enough he will remove it in case that is the cause of the early miscarriage I had back in November.
  4. Lap and Dye – as well as going in via my cervix I will also be having a laparoscopic element to this surgery where he will go in via 2 or 3 incisions on my stomach in order to use a camera to access the outside of my uterus, my fallopian tubes and my ovaries. He will be checking for any signs of endometriosis (which I am fairly sure I don’t have) and using a dye to check my fallopian tubes aren’t blocked. If my tubes are blocked he will then also attempt to unblock them at the same time.
  5. Cyst removal – finally, also via the laparoscopic incisions he will be removing at least one cyst. At my cycle monitoring scans they found a medium (3cm) cyst on my left ovary that was not budging. It is quite normal with PCOS to have these kinds of cysts but normally they are smaller and come and go but over the 8 weeks I was having weekly scans it was showing no signs of shrinking so he will manually remove it (and any other that may have formed since my last scan).


This was all quite a lot to take on board. I turned up to that appointment expecting to be put straight on medication and here I am three months later, still not having ovulated feeling no closer to having a chance at falling pregnant.


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