No tv no internet challenge day 3

Day 3 of no tv and no internet!

Today has been a beautiful warm sunny day so again our low tech life has been lived outdoors. We started our day with a walk over the Surrey hills. I wanted to go for a really long walk with Harrison in my connecta but having just moved I’ll be damned if I could bloody find it anywhere (and naturally I found almost as soon as we got home). So we just donned our trainers and ruck sacks and decided to walk as much as Harrison’s little legs would tolerate and explored!

Then the disaster I’m going to call ‘poo all over me’gate occurred. That lovely selfie of me and my man cub resulted in me getting animal crap all over my shorts,and then having tried to brush it off thinking it was mud, my hands! Thank the good lord for always having wet wipes to hand!

The offending crap!

And how I felt in response to the offending crap:

But no in all seriousness after the poo all over me and now I reek incident I had to take Harrison to do the food shopping with me and no words of a lie he balled his eyes out the whole way round Morrison’s. I don’t think they will let me back in next time. Terrible twos are approaching far too fast!

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