No tv, no internet challenge Day 1

Day one: 

Today was one of highs and lows. This mumma worked a night shift last night so came home and had a nap for an hour whilst the men of the family hangout and ate breakfast. 

Then. It was IKEA time! Now IKEA is one of my all time places, if you look at my Pinterest boards you will see I’m obsessed with home decor, especially having just bought a house. So we went shopping. Now there is no denying there was no tv or internet there but I can’t say it was the Montisorri educational magical experience I had dreamed off. Harrison had a full on, 3 months early, terrible twos tantrum the whole way round. Several new grey hairs later we were home with our new purchases and he went down for a nap whilst Daddy Fabs and I got to building our new IKEA furniture. 

But when Harrison woke up I decided to embrace our new tech free lifestyle, put on our new wellies and go and expore our new garden. 

A little later and this boy was hungry so we went inside to cook dinner and had an exploratory play session with his uncooked pasta but apparently he didn’t want to wait for it to be cooked! So he sat on the work surface and watched me cook it. 

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