Surprise, you’re pregnant! My pregnancy story

According to my pregnancy dates I fell pregnant with Harrison on the Valentines Day 2014.  We were not trying for a baby, in all honesty I was on the pill and we were very much not expecting to fall pregnant. I realised I was pregnant half way through a night shift when I realised, to my shock, that my period was late. Before I even took a test, I knew I was pregnant, no doubt in my mind. So poor Fabio was up at 7am with me in the search of a pregnancy test. Low and behold, 1-2 weeks pregnant.

One of my biggest pet peeves about an unplanned pregnancy though is people referring to my son as an accident, it is rude and offensive. Accident suggests something bad and assuming that the parents of every accidental pregnancy was upset and horrified is going to rattle a lot of feathers (according to some statistic I read somewhere, 50% of all pregnancies are unplanned!).

My son was a surprise. A beautiful, joyful surprise that just can a little ahead of my imagined schedule. But as soon as we found out he existed he was loved! We are thrilled and excited instantly and were bursting at the seams to tell everyone out news.

I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and he most definitely was meant to be our son!

So my top tips for anyone who has unexpectedly found out they are pregnant are:
  • Embrace your little miracle, your body has gone beyond the odds to create this child.
  • Share the news as soon as you feel ready, a lot more people will be happy for you than you expect.
  • Let yourself be excited!
  • Ignore anyone’s snippy comments, and do yourself a favour and tell them to do one if they are anything less than excited for you!


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