A Month in the Life Trying to Conceive Vlog

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A couple of weeks ago I began to write about our journey trying to conceive baby number two and how it isn’t exactly going as we had hoped. Well, earlier in the year I filmed trying to conceive vlog; a ‘month in the life of a ttc’er. From the beginning of the cycle, through waiting to ovulate, testing for ovulation and then into the Two Week Wait and testing as part of that.

If you aren’t trying to conceive this may not be of much interest to you and for that, I apologise but for my other obsessive TTC’ers out there, please enjoy.

And of course please head over to my youtube channel and subscribe for more updates on my (in)fertility journey. Each month I am filming any tests I am feeling hopeful about in the hopes that when I do finally get that positive test I get to catch my reaction there and then on film. So hit subscribe to get a live pregnancy test update when the time comes. Fingers crossed it will be soon!



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