Visiting Father Christmas at Reigate Garden Centre vlog

One of my favourite traditions of Christmas time is the excitement of going to visit Father Christmas and the magic of it. Getting to meet the big man himself and telling him what you want. It’s all so exciting. Garden centres can be an excellent place to take in all that Christmas wonder!

We even took Harrison to go and see Father Christmas when he was 6 weeks old!

Bauble meet santa

This year decided to go for more of an experience that just your simple shopping centre visit. We went to our local garden centre in Reigate. You can see more our visit in my most recent vlog.

Reigate garden Centre View

It is a lovely little place Reigate Garden Centre. You are supposed to book to see Father Christmas in advance but when we rang them we to try and book they had already fully booked but they said if we turned up we might be able to sneak in. So we decided that as Harrison is obsessed with Christmas lights and decorations we would turn up and if we didn’t get to see Father Christmas we would find somewhere the next week.

So off we went. We were very lucky in the Father Christmas and his (unusual choice here) clown helper skipped their tea break in order to quickly nip in. Unfortunately, being a typical shy 2 year old Harrison was pretty nervous of him but there were no tears so that’s always a nice bonus. He also got a little present which I forgot to film him opening for the vlog but it was 5 little bath ducks that change colour when they go in the water. He loves them! All I hear all day is him walking around waving a little duck saying ‘duck duck, duck duck’.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a good picture to go in a bauble on our tree so we are off to see any Father Christmas this week. But hey, it’s Christmas, it only comes once a year!

But for overal experience Reigate Garden Centre is a fabulous place to go and visit Father Christmas! They have areas of the indoor shop set up with loads of christmas lights and decorations but if you take a look at my vlog you will see how much my son loved it!

The staff were all lovely! All the general staff were dressed for the occasions as festive elves to help people who were buying trees. (Can I just take a moment to express how great the smell of fresh trees are! One year I WILL get a real tree). Santa was lovely and completely understanding of Harrison buying nervous of him. Not to mention that he and his helper clown skipped their tea break in order to see us.

My favourite part was that they actually had two reindeer there which added a lovely extra treat to the outing. They are such beautiful animals!

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