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Whether to buy a toddler an iPad/tablet/Kindle/whatever-other-devices-I-can’t-think-of-right-now is a debate that can rage fiercely between parents. Some horrified by the idea, some giving their newborn an electrical device of some kind. I’m not here to tell you which is right, where the line should be drawn and I’m not even going to put my little toe into the arena of the classic debate: How much screen time is too much screen time? Every family is different, every child is different and it is a personal decision for your family to make. What I am going to tell you though is why I am so glad I bought my toddler an iPad.

I must admit until Harrison was about 2 years old I was pretty firmly in the ‘a small child does not need an electronic device’ camp, sure he had always watched TV. As a newborn he was very into Once Upon a Time I will have you know! (Damn was I sad the day I realised I really should only let him watch kids TV and no more of mine, it was a sad sad day in my household).
 Newborn watching TV
As he has gotten older however, my mind slowly changed. Around his second birthday, I took on a promotion at work that meant I would be doing a lot more work outside of work hours and I wanted a tablet that I would be able to use to do some work (and blogging) on the train so I wasn’t wasting the 4 hours I spend a week on a train!
So I looked into getting an iPad with the thinking that it would be mine for the most part but would buy a case that would make it toddler proof!
(I went for this one if you are wondering and I highly recommend, my poor little iPad has been thrown from great heights, across rooms and it has survived remarkably well!)
This iPad has been a genuine god send into our lives. Yes, 3 days a week it is with me (in a much more attractive felt case that I adore!


So don’t get me wrong, he does not use it all the time. In fact, he probably only uses it a total of around an hour a week unless we are doing long distance driving. In that hour though, it is so helpful!
Here is why I so happy I gave my toddler an iPad:
  1. Long drives. Pretty much all of our closest friends and all of Harrison’s god parents live 1.5-4 hour drives away. This means that we are doing long drives pretty regularly. Before we leave we download whatever his favourite tv show is and a couple of games and that will help keep him entertained for a good 75% of that journey time! Luckily if we turn the radio up to just the right leave we can drown out the sound of Peppa Pig playing in the back!
  2. It allows me to shower and put makeup on! Ok, this shouldn’t be such a big part of why I love the iPad but it is, ok, judge me if you will but we all have to do whatever works for us as parents! After breakfast me and Harrison go up to my bedroom, he climbs into my bed and I give him the iPad and he entertains himself (whether he is watching CBeebies on it, or playing games) for up to 30 minutes. Those 30 minutes let me shower, get dressed, put makeup on and if I’m really working at speed, sort out some washing! That is worth the cost of 100 iPad’s in my humble opinion. I’m sure plenty of mums manage to get those things done without resorting to iPad’s but I have a toddler who gets very upset if he is separated from me and being able to keep him entertained in my bedroom (yes I shower with the en suite door open because what mother actually gets to shower or use the toilet without an audience?!) lets me do these without him being heartbroken.
  3. Most importantly, it is educational! Harrison has learnt new songs and nursery rhymes, most of which either I have completely wiped from my memory or have forgotten most of the words to (if you know all the words to Hush little baby, I salute you!). He has learnt about dinosaurs, he has learnt about colours and most impressively one app actually managed to do what I had spent the previous 6 months attempting and actually taught Harrison how to count up to 10! There is plently of rubbish out there for toddlers and young children to get into but there is also a wealth of educational material available to get kids learning!


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