Cheers to the Christmas and Boxing Day Workers

Dear All, I hope you have all had lovely Christmas’s and are enjoying your Boxing Day’s whatever your normal routine is for Boxing Day. Are you hitting the sales? Or sitting in your pjs watching films and eating yesterdays leftovers?

For me, a normal Boxing Day is Christmas Day part 2. We alternate which side of the family we spend Christmas Day with. Then the family that misses out we spend Boxing Day with and do all the presents and eating all over again.
However, this year. This post was written and scheduled in advance because this year my Boxing Day is being spent at work.

So I just wanted to send out a cheers for all of those who work over the holidays and miss out on the family time we all take for granted over the Christmas time. The retail workers, the emergency services, those in healthcare to name but a few. Millions of us are at work today.
I hope whereever you are, at work or at home, you have had a lovely Christmas and if you are working you are finding little ways to still have some festive cheer. I am totally donning my Santa’s hat at work today!

Hope you all have lovely plans for the rest of the festive season. I’m looking forward to some more family time tomorrow as I will finally get to have my ‘Christmas Day’ with my side of the family.

But to all you, especially my fellow holiday time workers:

Cheers and have a wonderful boxing Day!

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