No internet, no TV challenge!

We are finally moved in hurrah! (Don’t worry blog post with pictures of my beautiful new abode are soon to follow). But we have a snag! My lovely brand new house does not have any TV or internet yet, as a new build the cabling hasn’t even been laid yet so we are still waiting to hear when we will get a TV and internet connection but it will be at least two weeks.


The no internet, no TV challenge begins. Of course we still have our DVD’s and the data our mobiles have but this is significantly less than we would normally use on the normal day to day.

Now, I’m going to hold my hands up right now and admit I am far too quick to turn on the TV each morning and then leave it on all day, we aren’t necessarily watching it all day but it is on. So I am actually really looking forward to using this time to reconnect with myself and my productivity and more importantly Harrison!

So look out for a post to follow about how we have filled our time without the TV or internet to make life that little bit simpler.

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